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Goal 25 AWP
Computers Grade 6
 Computer Chitchat, by Mrs. Nasto

"You are your own best teacher!" Jimmy Buffett

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Videos All Subjects


Videos All Subjects

Keyboard Ergonomics Video  4/8/14

Why learn touch type? 4/8/14

T Every Night

Quiz Keystrokes & Vocabulary

Grading Check List Word Assignment One

Assignment PowerPoint
Data Chart  
Population Graph
(Merge  Slides in PowerPoint.ppt
with Movie Maker)

Project ProShow Gold Movie Maker
Exploring 50 States Internet

√ Checklist for Movie Project

When Work is done:
Programs/Internet Activities
  Goal 25 AWP

Please review Points of Interest know Vocabulary and Keystrokes

Math Practice

Middle School Internet Activities

Google Earth or Maps

Brain Pop (Engineering & Tech)

CNN.COM Student News

Watch & Listen

Computer Virus


Points of Interest for Digital Citizenship:
Read, Learn, Research
  1. Lab Rules Easy 10

  2. Acceptable Use Policy BCS

  3. habits of mind

  4. Ergonomics

  5. Keystrokes

  6. Computer Vocabulary

  7. Internet Safety & Netiquette

  8. Plagiarism

  9. Evaluating Resources Online

  10. Flash Drives

  11. Camera Tips

  12. Using Network Resources

  13. Copyrights Respecting

  14. Copyright on the Web

  15. Citing Resources

  16. Cyberbullying

  17. Input & Output Devices

  18. Computer Virus

  19. File Extensions

  20. Sound File Information

  21. Text-to-Speech

  22. Information Literacy

    What is plagiarism? & Note Taking

More Resources:

Qwerty Explained

Computer Hardware Mr. Young

Excel Vocabulary

Search Engine & Boolean Quiz Assignment

Assignment  Word & URL's

Final Quiz Final Quiz Retake Option



APPS for Education

Mindsnacks Spanish


Top 20 Educational Apps

itooch 6th Grade Math

itooch 6th Grade Language Arts


Extra Assignments and Variations:

Checklist Edit Images

  1. Toolbars Helpful Tips

  2. Keystrokes

  3. File Extensions

Merging Programs Editing Pictures:




Microsoft Photo Editor


Adobe Elements 6


Extra Assignments and Variations

 Checklist PowerPoint Project
Back to School Night


  1. Check List Paragraph
    No Header/Footer

  2. Movie Theme Ideas

  3. CD Cover Assignment

Download PowerPoint Viewer Click Here

Rosa Parks

Calendar Activity

Cite Resources

Calendar Checklist

50 States Internet Project

Explore Web Design



(Merge  Slides in PowerPoint.ppt
with Movie Maker)


Word Activity Checklist

Review the table Identify the ten most important technology terms all 6th graders should know. Use numbering button and double space.

Create a Puzzle Maker
Use the Ten most important Technology Terms for your puzzle follow directions at the site, no numbers or hyphens.

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